• Make amazing personalised cookies for the people you love! 🍪

    How do you make someone smile and feel happy? Give them a cookie.

    Even better - give them a cookie that you baked for them.

    Even better than that - give them a heart shaped cookie that you baked just for them, with a handwritten message on it telling them how amazing you think they are.

    This, my friend, will make them so happy inside that you will become their favourite person in the world.

    The Heart Cookie Kit comes with everything you need: 2 x stainless steel heart shaped cookie cutters (one with a notch so you can hook it onto the side of a mug - genius, right?) 1 x refillable brush-pen which you can fill with your choice of food colouring. 1 x cookie recipe card

    You can thank us when you’re getting more love than you know what to do with.


PIKKII- Heart Cookie Kit