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A contemporary baby book to record all the wonderful moments and memories from the first year. Filled out once a month from birth to first birthday celebrations. 

Record preparations and memories from before the arrival plus pages to capture the birth day including everything from first impressions to going home outfit. Then each month fill out the baby’s favourite things - from songs to places to sleep - and record the memorable moments by filling out prompts like ‘The things that have made you laugh’ and ‘Our favourite way to spend a day’. There’s also space to record ‘My greatest achievements’ as well as ‘Your greatest achievements’ to capture what life was really like as well as celebrating milestones along the way.

There are no assumptions made on family or developmental milestones, the grown up’s page simply asks ‘Who I am to you’ and prompts ‘Firsts for this month’. There is also space for a dedication message, pages for welcome messages from friends and family, and space to add photos of your world and record important dates in the first year. 

“A baby book unlike any other! This gorgeous keepsake really is the perfect gift for every new baby.” Diana Bardega | Founder, The Mamahood

THE COLOUR CHRONICLES - The baby book of you