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FOR YOUR LITTLE ONE: Allowing your toddler experiment with fashion just like they have seen at their mom is normal and even encouraged in order to let them express their personal style. Miss Nella’s three nail polishes are especially made for young ones, with fun and cute colours and a non-toxic formula, appropriate for a young age.

SAFE TO USE: Because we want your kids to have fun but not at the price of their health, we have created a water-based formula for the nail polishes that are thus non-toxic and odour-free so, no matter how they are used, your little one is going to be safe from harmful ingredients.

EASY TO REMOVE: In order to avoid having to use toxic nail polish remover on your little one’s delicate skin, all Miss Nella’s nail polishes are peel-off, so you can clean the colours off in a matter of seconds. Just grab any loose end of the nail polish on each fingertip and all the color is gone!

GREAT SHADES: All kids are drawn to bright and happy colours, which is why Miss Nella’s nail polishes comes in a great range of shades, glittery and with fun names that you can never forget: Tickle Me Pink, Cheeky Bunny & Sugar Hugs.

PERFECT PRESENT: If your child is at the age where he or she is invited to the first birthday parties, picking the right present for the birthday can be tricky. The Miss Nella’s set of three nail polishes is perfect for any toddler or teenage, with bright colours and a non-toxic formula that will reassure their parents.

MISS NELLA - Pink glitter attack pack of three nail polishes