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Adorable baby leggings from our Maura the Mouse collection.


Meet Maura, the marvellous mouse! Look at her little inquisitive face and adorable ears.


Featuring delicate flower detailing on the legs, and teeny Maura's face on the bum, these cute and playful leggings are the perfect playtime attire, providing a sense of fun and adventure that your child will love.


They're the perfect way to add some personality and fun to your child's wardrobe. Whether they're running around the park, playing at home, or heading out for the day, your little one will simply love wearing our playful leggings - not to mention just how cute they'll look!




Leggings are stretchy and seamless to enable total freedom when playing

Include a wide, ribbed waistband for comfort

Bottom is designed to stretch around nappies, including cloth ones

Composition: 75% Cotton / 20% Polyamide / 5% Elastane

Colour: Coral/Cream/Light Blue

We ensure our cotton supply and factories are sustainable.



BLADE AND ROSE - Maura the mouse leggings